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Humphreys, McLaughlin & McAleer, LLC

Firm Profile and History

Humphreys, McLaughlin & McAleer, LLC, has a long history of practice in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Originally founded by the late Robert L. Humphreys, Jr. and the Honorable Jeffrey C. Herwig in March of 1991, the firm was then named Herwig & Humphreys, LLP. After founding the firm as a two-member entity in 1991, their vision was to assemble a small group of exceptionally skilled litigators concentrating in the field of workers’ compensation defense of Maryland and the District of Columbia, as well as claims under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

While building on an already well-established reputation for integrity and competence, Mr. Humphreys co-authored the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Handbook (Michie, ed. 1993) with the late and Honorable Richard P. Gilbert, Chief Judge of the Court of Special Appeals. Mr. Lance G. Montour has continued in Mr. Humphreys' foot steps and is a contributor and reviser for the recently published Third Edition of the Maryland Workers' Compensation Handbook.

With the 2006 appointment of Mr. Herwig to the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission, the firm became known as Humphreys, McLaughlin & McAleer, LLC and continues to represent the initial vision of Robert Humphreys & Jeffrey Herwig.

That vision has allowed Humphreys, McLaughlin & McAleer, LLC to experience a number of accolades over the years, including the honor of firm partner, Lynn Oh becoming the first Asian-American Commissioner appointed to the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission in 2019. In addition to Mr. Montour's continued work on the Maryland Workers' Compensation Handbook, Senior Partner, John R. Rufe authored the District of Columbia Workers' Compensation Practice Guide. So when we say we wrote the book on Workers' Compensation, we really mean it!

The firm now consists of 11 full time attorneys and one of counsel member, and the legal practice area has grown to include: employer's liability; insurance disputes; personal injury liability and general civil liability defense, as well as other areas of civil litigation. Our goal remains the same though, and we continue to use the extensive experience and knowledge of our litigators to represent and promote the interests of the Employers and Insurance Carriers in both Maryland and the District of Columbia.